Effective Use of Crowdfunding


年齢 性別 購買層、商品への期待度や今後の改良点などを確認し、より効率的な販売方法で市場に展開していき、大型量販店への卸販売やECサイトでの販売を行っています。

We actively use crowdfunding to conduct market research by conducting pre-sales,
We will conduct market research by actively using crowdfunding to conduct pre-sales, confirming the age, gender, and purchasing demographics, expectations for the product, and areas for improvement in the future.
We are expanding into the market with more efficient sales methods, selling our products wholesale to large mass retailers and through e-commerce sites.

Exhibiting at the Tokyo International Gift Show


東京インターナショナルギフトショーに出展します。 私たちは、年に 2 回開催される日本最大の見本市である権威ある東京インターナショナルギフトショーへの参加を発表できることを光栄に思います。

Exhibiting at the Tokyo International Gift Show. We are honored to announce our participation in the prestigious Tokyo International Gift Show, the largest biannual trade show in Japan.



We have partnered with import business consultant Hideaki Otake (https://yubi-ken.com/en/).
Together with Hideaki Otake, an evangelist for the Japanese crowdfunding site “Makuake,” we are working to spread innovative products from around the world to Japan, and through our products, we are developing a business that will bring smiles to the faces of everyone in Japan and abroad as well as shorten the distance between Japan and foreign countries.